Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kikuyu spray, fwy aerification and pond clean

This week saw application #1 of 3, 30 day apart applications of Drive + MSMA herbicide to rid fwys and appraoches of the dreaded kikuyu. This is on #10 approach and was taken 5 days after application. We have sprayed 125,000 sq ft and have another 65,000 to go in round 1

                                                               KIKUYU SPRAY #10

Smoked it!
Die! Die! Die!

The fwy aerification is under way with 3,14,17 and 18  complete. The process is aerify with 3/4" tines, Drag plugs then blow. A gypsum application was made this week to soften the soil. We are asking all members and their guests to please stay off the fairway being punched. The hole will be clearly marked with CART PATH ONLY ON THIS HOLE signs

Each day the hole to be aerified will be cart path only



                                                                    #10 POND CLEAN

Slow work

A well earned break