Friday, August 17, 2012

#2 bridge is in place!!!!!

Yes it is true! After scheduling adjustments, our new Fibrecore bridge has finally been placed across the creek on #2. It came out really nice and we will be refining its landscaping in the coming weeks. Eventually that entire rough section leading up to the old bridge will be regrassed, once the underlying DG has been removed and good soil added.Eagle golf got a great kick out of demolishing the old bridge! We please ask that you obey the ropes and please avoid turning sharply off the ramps up to the bridge as these areas are still soft. We now join Arnold's Bay Hill CC and Merion as the only courses in the US with the Fibrecore Bridge. Enjoy the photos

Staging area 7am

Push and Pull with 2 loaders

could not roll it so we lifted it
Swinging the bridge into place on foundations

Bolting the flanges
DG added and compacted
Finished ramps. Landscaping to follow
Not a bad look

And remember, this is what we had before

Close to the edge
WR got their money's worth
Certainly enough cement