Friday, December 21, 2012

December 2012

frosty view down #1
December brings great change to WR as temperature changes affect turf in a myriad of ways. The overseeded rough is thriving, greens are fast. Temperatures drop, allowing for misty and frosty mornings (and great photos). This winter will see much activity at WR as we continue to remediate the native areas, remove diseased trees and generally tighten up our entire operation. Stay tuned for regular photo updates.
I have listed 3 department 40 (maintenance) associates who were awarded overall club employee of the month awards. We appreciate all their efforts. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday season.
A myriad of bird life on site

Cleared left side of #5 brings greenside bunker back in view
View from #8 tee toward #7 tee

Cleared view from #8 tee to #7 green

Oscar Trinidad - Assistant Mechanic/Greenkeeper. Employee of the month August (14 years service)
Eric Gifford - Assistant Super. Employee of the month September

Mike Rodriguez - Greenkeeper. Employee of the month October (23 years service)