Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weclome Back !!!

I have returned. After briefly trying another blog program (and being disappointed), I will begin posting again.
I have included several photos of our recent projects, including rough aerification/soil amend and bermuda seeding, which is designed to improve the overall turf stand in our high traffic areas. The granular material should help hold moisture in these areas. A subsequent granular wetting agent application and a shot of starter fertilizer (8-30-15) will help with establishment. The membership can help greatly by keeping carts off these areas. This follows a successful program last year where we established close to 1 acre of new bermuda. We only have 90 days to get this done due to the required soil temps for bermudagrass germination.

The other project was to solve several areas that held water for extended periods of time. These were "bird baths", areas of slight depression in fwys 6,12 and 15, where water simply did not run off. We used an auger to drill 24" holes to a depth of 5'. Holes were then filled with gravel and the turf returned. So far they are working very well.

Also this past month saw us establish a massive(compared to the previous tee) new gold tee on #8. We are gradually reducing the height of cut to .325".  Fertilization this week should help it recover from transplant shock. Also, please note that even the coyotes observe the traffic stakes!!!