Thursday, December 15, 2011


There has been much buzz in the golf world about Crenshaw and Coore's restoration of Pinehust #2, Donald Ross classic which will host both the Men's and Womens' 2014 US Open in back to back weeks. The restoration took out all the rough surrounding the fairways and widened the fairways, in some cases now 60 yards wide. The grass is hybrid bermuda and is maintained at one height of cut for tees, green surrounds and fairway. The only other type of grass on the entire mown portion of the course is the new bentgrass greens. The fairway simply goes directly into the watse areas, planted with 80,000 switch grass plants. Firm and fast will be the norm. I was there several weeks ago for a conference and the course was spectacular. I have included several photos to highlight the renovation. The statues are of Payne Steward and his now famous winning putt pose and of Donald Ross and Robert Dedman, the man responsible for the revitalization of Pinehurst. Enjoy!

Even I could probably hit the sweet spot, although taking it back and through may be challenging!