Friday, February 4, 2011

Fairway divot fill and winter wonderland

Remarkable how quickly the character of the course can change. Note the awesome views of our frost covered course!
I have also included a quick and easy reference for our divot fill. Thanks to all of you who diligently help us with this important process. The basic concept is to replace only the soil that has been removed, which means filling the divot only to the previous soil level. Filling to the top of the grass or in some cases creating a  minature pyramid only serves to create little mounds (and an uneven surface) as well as placing sand in the path of our mowers, which leads to a dulling of the blades. If no soil has been removed, then a very light sprinkling of sand can help protect the newly exposed crown. There are divot bottle refills located in the cement bins on holes #3,8,13 and 17.
We are also asking that you please DO NOT fill divots on the tees. My staff uses a mulch mix with ryegrass seed to help keep our tees filled in.
Thanks again for your assistance.