Friday, December 17, 2010


As 2010 draws to a close it is good to reflect on why we love golf. Its challenge both physically and mentally. The beauty and infinite variability, in strategy, design and landscaping of the playing field. The opportunity to be outside, breathing fairy good air. The enjoyment we get from spending time with family and friends and the nuturing of those friendships. The opportunity to cross age, race and gender to really connect with people on a personal level. Oh yeah and it is fun too!! Even a bad ball striking day on the course is still way better than spending our week trying to find a source of potable drinking water. Or enough food to feed our families. Or dodging bullets, landmines, human explosives and all other manner of human (or inhuman ) crazyness that much of the world finds itself in.

For me, I have the added bonus of the golf course being my office. Each day has its own challenges as no two days are alike. Sure we can go a period of time of relative consistency but all the variables; the weather, equipment, labor, water, financials, they can all change in an instant. It's what keeps it interesting. As I enter my 21st year in turf management, I still love what I do day in  and day out (sure, some days more than others !) and there is always something to learn, something to do better. Thanks for your support this year and I am confident that 2011 will be even better.
There is however, one thing that I know I will never be able to do- dance like Fred Astaire. Check out this golfing video from the dance master.