Friday, April 8, 2011

Thanks for your effort and a reminder on WR Cart traffic

I am revisiting an older post from 2010 as a refresher for our cart users. Generally, the cart usage has been good and I appreciate the compliance with our gate system and the replacing of downed rope. These 2 videos are designed to inspire us all to use our carts in a manner that causes as little disruption to the playing surfaces as possible. The carts should proceed directly to the fairway and stay in the fairway until they exit at the exit stakes. The second set of stakes at the entry point are to be driven through as we make our way directly to the fairway. Keeping the carts in the fairwway will require more walking, however this is a good thing as our bodies will be in better shape to hit the shot. There will be a substantial amount of rope placed on the course at our traditional wear areas. These are areas that we will be seeding in 2011 with bermudagrass as we attempt to improve the year round playing conditions at WR.
Please remember that we all can help in preserving the playing conditions and controlling traffic is one of the most effective programs.
The events portrayed in these videos are real. Only the actual people have been changed. Thanks to Patrick and Sergio for helping out.