Monday, June 27, 2011

#17 drainage project

Here are some photos of our recent drainage project on #17 fwy, to pick up a lot of runoff from the slope, including the Avocado grove behind #17. The drainage was inadequate and the pipe that was there was full of tree roots from the pine tree at the back of #18 tee.

New Tees on 6 & 7

Some photos of our new red tee on #6 and our progress on #7. We may turn the tee on #7 into 2 seperate pads, eliminating a small area between the white and red tees and having 2 oval tee areas. Let us know what you think through your greens committee representative.

Friday, June 3, 2011

WR Greens aerification

This year's punch went very well and the timing was great, with the greens very healthy. Our recovery should be swift. I have included a picture of #11 green the day after aerification/verticut/topdress and fertilization. I will post one again next week so we can see the progress. There are a couple of other pictures to highlight the great course conditions at WR.
I have also included a picture of our walk path renovation. Along with recycling sod from our tee renovation, we utilized the aerification plugs from the greens to cover the walk paths to #17. Next month, we will sod in walk paths on #6 and #7 from the new red tee on #6 and the tee on #7